Zentangle® is an easy to learn, relaxing process of drawing beautiful images through repetitive patterns. ZERO artistic skill is required, and people around the world have found Zentangle to be meditative, fun, relaxing, and a challenging creative outlet for self growth. There are an endless number of routes you can take a Zentangle practice, but we recommend starting with a basic into class, either in a studio, business, or organize a girls night in your dinging room!


Intro to Zentangle®

This class introduces you to the Zentangle Method®. Students will create two tiles and learn 4-8 tangles in 2-3 hours. Each intro class is a little bit different, so come create a foundation for your practice.


Beyond Basics

A series of classes that go beyond what is covered in the introduction class. Learn new tangles, new techniques, and new tools to your Zentangle practice!


Inspired by the era of da Vinci, these tiles are tan and include brown and white along with the typical black. Adding light and dark to the tile creates beautiful images that travel one back to the time of some of history's famous artists.

Black Tiles

Working in opposites, this class uses white pens on black tiles.

Renaissance inspired Zentangle tile. 

Renaissance inspired Zentangle tile. 

Black Tiles Zentangle design

Black Tiles Zentangle design

To view a full collection of the works done by WunderRec Therapy visit our gallery.

Corporate Workshops

Try something new for your next corporate retreat and give your employees a creative outlet. Everyone can participate, and everyone will be surprised with their abilities, no matter their art background. Workshops can focus on goal setting, team-building, personal growth, self-confidence and more. Let us known what your team needs and we can show you how to use the Zentangle Method to achieve your goal. Anything is Possible, One Stroke at a Time™!


What brings a team together more than a shared experience trying something new? No artistic skills is necessary to create a beautiful piece of shared art. Every participant will receive the same instructions, but just like each team member brings their own skills to your team, everyone will add a different, but equally important, aspect to the shared art.

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