SoulCollage® is an introspective process of making small, usually 5x8, collages, creating a collection referred to as a "deck." After a card is created, you have the opportunity to engage with your card and discover what part of yourself it represents. Based on Jungian psychology, which states our subconscious is attracted to images and collections of images for specific reasons, we believe each SoulCollage® card can teach us something about ourselves. Once we have the identity of the card, we can engage with it through journaling, discussion, and metaphorical actions, such as leaving our "inner critic" card outside a room while creating our next SoulCollage® card.

SoulCollage cards

SoulCollage cards

An ongoing practice of SoulCollage® card making and group engagement, often called a Soul Circle, helps us better understand ourselves, fine tune character traits and helps us discover truths about relationships with ourselves and others.


The practice of making SoulCollage® cards alone is relaxing and meditative, and although an on-going practice is life changing, one session can be fun and informative.

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