What is the point of this?

What IS the point of THIS?

How many times do we ask ourselves this? Maybe it’s referring to an object we found at the end cap of the local tchotchke store. Maybe we’re in the middle of a meeting, where people have been talking about nothing for 60 minutes, and there’s no end in sight. Maybe it’s the first thing we ask ourselves when we wake up in the morning.

What is the point? Purpose? Meaning? Reason?

I certainly don’t have the answer; but I’ve been enjoying my journey through life as I look for the answer(s).

I have thought about starting a blog for years. I once wrote regular LiveJournal posts, even had a LiveJournal for poetry (remember the things we did before everyone had Facebook?!). Then Facebook came along and the need for regular narrative posts was reduced to the occasional sentence, paragraph, or picture caption. But how much are we learning or reflecting in these short spurts of socializing with the digital avenues?

This past weekend I had an adventure that took me in directions I wasn’t planning on, and reflections I am still digesting (more on these later). In the process of debriefing these adventures, I’ve ended up here: I’m ready to [re]start a blog.

So… what is the point of this?
As for the blog, I have an answer.

This is a place for me to articulate my thoughts on various topics (psychology, Judaism, culture, how to be a contributing member of society… just to name a few), share artwork and creations of mine and others, and process life. If you read it, like it, comment on it, and engage with it - that’ll be a welcomed bonus. But the point, the real point, is to hold myself accountable for processing events, ideas, and life in articulate means, so maybe you can relate, share, and discuss along with me. I hope you do.